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(C​ommunity R​esource for E​ducation and E​mpowerment through K​nowledge)


A Quick Overview:


● An Educational Outreach Center

● A place of Advocacy for addicts and their families

● A Sustainable Business with independent cash flow

● A Gathering Place for the community

● A Study Area for students of all ages

● A Spiritual Center on the weekends


Who is behind the effort:

Haven of the Rock Ministries has been established for over ten years. We are an

outreach that has been involved in many various efforts, mainly centered on assisting the less fortunate. Our programs have partnered with several entities such as Angel Food Ministries, the YMCA and various church groups. We are business owners who understand budgets and finances as well as how to market and grow a small business. In addition to attending Bible College, the lead pastor also has training in addictions counselling and broadcasting.


What it is:

The C.R.E.E.K. (Community Resource for Education and Empowerment through

Knowledge) is a vision born of need. It is designed to provide a venue for educational

opportunities that address the entire family and broad scope of needs within the entire

community. Much research shows indisputable links between educational achievement and

poverty, as well as links between poverty and addiction. We want to address the dilemma of the cycle of relapse by providing greater education and training to those who are seeking to improve their lives.


Daytime activities will be centered around homeschool cooperatives that provide field

trips, special activities and group visits from special speakers that are not normally available to those who practice alternative education due to small group sizes. Additionally, we want to

provide job training and job fairs for those without employment by partnering with local trade

schools and community colleges.


Afternoons will be centered around being a liason for tutors (high school and college

students preferably) to teach those elementary, middle and high school students who may be

struggling in public schools.


Evenings will be arranged to provide recovery classes for those struggling with addiction,

adult education for those seeking their GED’s, and continuing education for those who want to change careers or advance their professional abilities (again through partnerships with state and local colleges and trade schools).


In addition to these endeavors, we want to provide spiritual and practical assistance to

the families of those dealing with substance abuse. By focusing not only on the addict

themselves, but on the entire family holistically, we seek to decrease the frequency of relapse

by teaching and modeling a healthy support system for those exiting treatment and seeking to live sober lifestyles. This is accomplished through faith based meetings and training as well as group counselling (using guidelines and practices provided through “Living Free”, developed by Dr. Jimmy Lee and Dan Strickland).


Where this will take place:

Our current goal is to pursue a facility that provides easy access, ample growth

opportunity and is located centrally to several municipalities.



Initially, our operating budget will be determined largely by philanthropic contributions

and voluntary assistance. One part of sustaining the operations will be to earn income through selling coffee and pastries in a setting within the building itself. This also serves a purpose of need within the local community by providing a place for locals to sit down and build relationships. Currently, there is no facility that provides such a place aside from fast food restaurants in the area. We believe that this fills a funding gap that also fills a societal need.


We want to work with treatment centers and local justice to provide a liason for the

addicts leaving treatment and their families to learn more about addiction and what is needed to provide a healthy support system. Although voluntary, we believe a great number of families will desire the benefits of educating and learning the best ways to maintain sobriety without relapse.


Why this area needs this:

It is undeniable that addictions and the resulting issues associated with them are a major

national dilemma. However, no area has been hit collectively as hard as the Tri-State area of

Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. Many treatment facilities exist for addicts, and they are doing a great job. However, one of the biggest factors in relapse for most addicts is the lack of an educated support system that understands how to help the addict stay sober. And that is a major reason why we feel that establishing a center for the entire family (natural, extended, adopted or otherwise) to gather and be trained is important.


By also focusing on the overall educational needs of the community, we are seeking to

prevent some of the factors that lead to addiction. Relationships with positive mentors and a sense of belonging to a community are central to helping people, young and old, from being

caught up in the underworld of crime and addiction. This center will also bridge the gap between social classes, economic classes, and other groups that may not normally interact by providing a general outreach that has a two pronged approach: addiction and education (neither of which are socially prejudiced).

Meeting Points


Bible Studies


Discipleship Classes


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Location & Driving Directions

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Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this? Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.

A generous person will prosper;

whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.

 2 COR 9:7

1 CHR 29:14

PROV 11:25

2 COR 9:11

24323 State Route 7

Greenup KY 41144

Sunday 11am

Wednesday 7pm


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